The Mental Health Trialogue Network

Mental health is your business,

regardless of their background and experience


The Mental Health Trialogue Ireland (MHTNI) is an exciting community development initiative in Irish mental health.

The aim of this Network is to empower communities in Ireland to become proactive in communicating about mental health through a powerful open dialogue and participatory process called ‘Trialogue’.

In the past mental health was often seen as the domain of service providers, carers and the people who used the mental health service. However, within communities there is a huge diversity of knowledge and experience that can vbe used to transform our services.

Origins of Trialogue in Germany

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What is Trialogue?

Liam MacGabhann and Paddy McGowan explain….

Trialogue Resources

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Trialogue Report
Launched Sept 2012

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India Trialogue Meetings November 2016

What I believe to be the first Trialogue Meetings in India were held in the city of Pune on 23rd November and hilltop town of Lavasa on 26th, both in Maharashtra. Pune Trialogue was held as a culmination of a day workshop on Open Dialogue approaches to...

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Castlebar Trialogue January 2016

Topic: Effects of Music Remembering David Bowie – some catchy, meaningful tunesMusic can be calming and help you sleepYou can bond with someone with a similar taste in music. Meet people at music festivals as everyone is there for the same reason.Famous...

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